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I do not know about you, but one look at Fendi Replica Bags spring summer 2014 collection and I was swept away. I am seeing models wearing long dresses and thin belts in majority of the snap shots. Futuristic 3D diamond heel shoes and heavenly bags, oh gosh (I am not talking about the bag bugs). Part of the design is taking us back to the 1950s, when dresses with belts were enormously famous.

Fendi Replica Bags

But put aside the dresses and shoes for a moment, let's talk about bags today and a lot of it. Let’s zoom-in to our favorite Fendi peek-a-boo and 2jours accessories. Can you remember the Fendi petit 2jours tote bag that we’ve talked about some time ago? It was first launched exclusively in Asia and now also released in Europe. The petit 2jours tote is not only cute because its small, but it has a shoulder strap. How flexible, a mini tote and a shoulder bag. I love it.

Colors are colors, but Replica Handbags as the magic to turn any color into elegant. Purple 2jours bag is to-die-for, worship the shiny yellow petit shoulder bag in croc prints and if you like it smaller and more compact, take the new Fendi clutch bag with short chain. Yves Saint Laurent once said that fashion ultimately fades, but style is eternal. If there is something to be said about Fendi’s new collection, that will be; investment once made, is for eternity, because their bags never go out of style.

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